Writing for Hobby and Special Interest Publications course at the Loft Friday, Aug 28 2009 

Check out the link to my Loft Literary Center workshop, Writing for Hobby and Special Interest Publications. If you are a crafter or hobbyist who would like to discover how to get published, then this class is for you. I bring many great materials to share during the class.



History Lessons at the MN Renaissance Festival Friday, Aug 28 2009 

This Sunday I will begin making scale miniatures at the MN Renaissance Festival, sharing my hobby and teaching people about the Tudor era at the same time. This week I plan to make a series of pictorial street signs that one might see in

excited about the upcoming release of Pushing the Envelope Friday, Aug 28 2009 

Earlier this year I stumbled upon an artist submission call on www.larkbooks.com for simple paper projects featuring envelopes. I designed and submitted two projects and had one of them accepted for inclusion in a book with the working title The Envelope, Please. In the next few weeks I should be receiving my complimentary copy of the book with its new title Pushing the Envelope and waiting to see if my project made the final cut. The book will be released in October 2009.

Street Signs of the Renaissance Thursday, Aug 27 2009 

This Sunday I will begin my history lessons in miniature at the MN Renaissance Festival by making pictorial street signs that English residents may have seen in their towns. Since most of the people werre illiterate, pictures served as primary forms of communication. I will be moving about the grounds, making sings in 1/12th scale and having patrons guess what street name they think a sign might signify. If time allows I will also be doing some small-scale bookbinding at the Paper Mill after 2 pm.

The Hair of the Dog an Arts and Crafts style pub Tuesday, Aug 25 2009 

a 1/12th scale pub that I am building

a 1/12th scale pub that I am building

another view of the 1/12th scale pub

another view of the 1/12th scale pub

In 2002 I took a woodworking class with my husband and decided to build a miniature structure while I had access to heavy-duty power tools. I have been making 1/12th scale miniatures since the age of 8, with my interests tending toward Tudor and fantasy buildings. This pub is my first modern project and has been in progress for the last seven years! The lights, pool table and club chairs are purchased items; everything else was hand-crafted by me. The inspiration for the pub came from visits to Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis. When completed, this structure will have a rooftop bowling green like Brit’s, including miniature versions of lawn games. In between working on the interior and planning the exterior, I collect items such as glassware, pub signs, lawn furniture and of course bar stock. When the pub is completed we plan to have a grand opening party to show off this labor of love!

Hello world! Monday, Aug 24 2009 

Welcome to HeatherIsaacsDesign, my blog on all things design-related. I am trained in interior re-design, and have a number of creative hobbies such as bookbinding, polymer clay and making scale miniatures.