Thrift Treasures Part 2 Monday, Sep 21 2009 

How about some ideas for re-purposing those items you’ve picked up. Here’s some quick ideas to get you thinking.

A wine rack can hold: magazines, towels, shoes or logs for a fireplace

Linens can be made into: quilts, pillow covers, napkins, book covers, wall hangings, laundry bags

Pedestal tables can be cut down for coffee tables

Picture frames can hold mirrors, become trays or be mounted on a headboard for an interchangeable art or photo display

Sweaters and sweatshirts can become cozy toys for kids


got my copy of Pushing the Envelope! Wednesday, Sep 9 2009 

I love the title they gave my project- The Big Easel which perfectly describes what it is!


book out around October 2009

Thrift Treasures Part 1 Thursday, Sep 3 2009 

I love shopping thrift stores and have found some of the most amazing things through consistent visits. Here are my reasons for searching out thrift treasures:

it’s economical and is reducing, reusing and recycling at its best

you won’t find cookie-cutter goods- unless you’re looking for cookie cutters!

regular shopping can yield some great finds!

How do you find the best thrift store treasures for you?

Become a regular shopper- merchandise turns over fast. I usually stop by my favorite store weekly to hunt for goodies

Have a plan for your space and make a list of what you need/want, just like an interior designer would

Familiarize yourself with prices of items at high-end and mass market stores to have a comparison point when you find something in thrift

Evaluate pieces with an objective eye- could you make minor alterations to have it work for you? this might be a coat of paint, some new trim or other simple changes

Are you willing to do some minor repairs i.e. tighten up a loose leg or do you want to avoid that aspect?

Go in with a more general idea of what you want since the inventory isn’t consistent: an urn-style lamp,  a side table with a drawer, blue dishes, etc. Then open your eyes to the possibilities over frequent trips.

Next: some ways to re-purpose items you might find

New from Amy Butler Designs Wednesday, Sep 2 2009 

I love Amy Butler’s fabrics and her book Midwest Modern. While our house has more of a French country/Old World look overall, I can’t help but mix Amy’s vibrant prints into the mix. Here’s the link to her latest products: