It’s been some time since I’ve posted. Life slipped away and now life offers the chance to blog again.

My contract job is ending on September 30 and I had hoped to continue working for the State of MN but it seems that plan has a slight hiccup in it. So I’m preparing myself for job search and for exploring new options within that job search. One of those options is doing more writing, thus getting this blog going again. I tell my clients to pursue their dreams yet I haven’t always listened to my own advice. Now while I am using up my vacation leave this month, I have no excuses.

To inspire this new life, I set up my home office in our purple room. I chose the deepest, richest purple they had at Home Depot to show that I am fearless about color. Sitting in this jewel box of a room is comforting. I feel that I can dream some new dreams and design a new direction.