We just got the October This Old House today and I am so excited to enter to win home products! Every month I steal away the issue before my hubby can read it (yeah, the subscription is my gift to him but I always read it first!). We own a 1920’s Tudor duplex so there’s always something of interest in terms of repairing our home or dreaming of a new kitchen after seeing other readers’ makeovers.

Another magazine I have been enjoying is Fresh Home. I have to admit I enjoyed the original format more when Neil was the editor because it was a great mix of DIY power-tool oriented projects and home decor ideas. Now it leans a little too far toward the fluff side but I’ll stick it out to see how it evolves. I do love its articles on color trends only because Fresh Home editors and others are finally seeing what we dove into years ago- deep colors rock! Three years ago I painted my studio the deepest, richest purple I could find and followed suit two years ago with a beautiful deep turquoise in the den. My husband picked that one out which surprised me because he usually avoids showy colors. Now those blues and purples are all over the place so we have an easier time finding items to add to the spaces. I think my favorite part of Fresh Home though are the entertaining ideas. The playlist concept is fun and someday I will make up a playlist for my own party.

After the demise of Domino I didn’t think anything could replace it, but Lonny magazine has made an online splash for former Domino-ites. My only complaint is I forget to look online! Fortunately their Facebook page lets me know when a new issue is available. The click-to-shop feature is a big advantage of the online format. It’s a good thing my current financial situation doesn’t allow for impulse purchases…

And finally, I’ll admit that I’m a new fan of Martha Stewart Living. My sisters and I used to make fun of the whole MS comglomerate but then one Christmas my sister D. sheepishly admitted she wanted a subscription to try it out. She didn’t want anyone to know about it which is hard considering she lives with another one of our sisters! Then I decided to try it out myself since I am such a magazine addict.

So now I have a range of magazines to compare. From each one I get something a little different. The DIYer, the crafter, the luxury lover and the trend-leader sides of me all get their moment in the spotlight when I read my collection of magazines. and that makes me happy.