I saw an old dresser sitting on a sidewalk so I convinced my husband to help me get it in the Honda. When I saw its seashell-like design I knew I had to rescue it from the landfill or even someone else!

Today I scraped paint from all of the drawers- wow I love those get strippers! I’ll leave the body for a couple days because I need to find a new top. I’m guessing the big chunk out of the top was the reason it landed on the sidewalk but we have the tools to cut and rout a new piece of wood.

Projects like this get me excited because they have concrete results. Whereas in my career counseling work, I don’t always know if I actually made an impact on someone unless they tell me so. With a furniture rehab I can see right away if I made a difference. And now that I’m laid off and looking for a new job, workign on a project gives me a nice break from the job search. Scraping paint is a mindless activity that lets my brain process ideas on where I can focus my job search.

This weekend I want to pick up some paint chips and investigate silver leaf. I’m thinking a soft gray paint would look nice with silver leaf in the shell-like design and surrounding curves. And some glass knobs could add sparkle! I did start looking at Hunt and Gather for some vintage glass knobs but couldn’t find any. That just gives me an excuse for future visits.

But now a walk to the library where I will look for some design books that might inspire a different finishing option. Gray and silver would be beautiful but maybe something else will catch my eye. I’m always open to creative options…