Dresser Rehab 2 Monday, Oct 11 2010 

is it weird that I love scraping paint? I guess it’s that sense of completion again. Wow, got that paint peeled off and am now in sanding mode. I discovered that a dental tool is great for loosening up paint in tiny crevices. But it’s sharp on both ends so be careful! The small holes poked in my hand are testimony for taking care! My husband thinks I should refinish the wood but now that I’ve gotten down to the bare wood, I see it isn’t that pretty. The sides look like cheap wood compared to the face pieces so I don’t feel guilty about putting on a fresh coat of paint. Maybe this dresser looked beautiful when it was brand-new but now it definitely needs a facelift. Tomorrow it’s back to scraping in the turned parts and then more sanding.


dresser rehab! Friday, Oct 8 2010 

I saw an old dresser sitting on a sidewalk so I convinced my husband to help me get it in the Honda. When I saw its seashell-like design I knew I had to rescue it from the landfill or even someone else!

Today I scraped paint from all of the drawers- wow I love those get strippers! I’ll leave the body for a couple days because I need to find a new top. I’m guessing the big chunk out of the top was the reason it landed on the sidewalk but we have the tools to cut and rout a new piece of wood.

Projects like this get me excited because they have concrete results. Whereas in my career counseling work, I don’t always know if I actually made an impact on someone unless they tell me so. With a furniture rehab I can see right away if I made a difference. And now that I’m laid off and looking for a new job, workign on a project gives me a nice break from the job search. Scraping paint is a mindless activity that lets my brain process ideas on where I can focus my job search.

This weekend I want to pick up some paint chips and investigate silver leaf. I’m thinking a soft gray paint would look nice with silver leaf in the shell-like design and surrounding curves. And some glass knobs could add sparkle! I did start looking at Hunt and Gather for some vintage glass knobs but couldn’t find any. That just gives me an excuse for future visits.

But now a walk to the library where I will look for some design books that might inspire a different finishing option. Gray and silver would be beautiful but maybe something else will catch my eye. I’m always open to creative options…

Decorating Day is here! Tuesday, Dec 1 2009 

December 1st- Decorating Day

I started this tradition when I was a singleton, wanting a way to mark the season that was my own and would stay with me throughout my life circumstances. It began with a tabletop tree and ornaments collected during my youth. That little tree cheered me when I came home from work, feeling homesick for my family and friends. Over time, the tradition became more established as I became more established in life. The little tree was replaced by a six-footer which has been replaced by a seven-and-a-half foot pre-lit tree. The ornament collection has grown too as each year I purchase something for the tree. Some ornaments are reminders of places my husband and I have visited, and now I find myself buying German-made ornaments to honor my heritage. The day consists of decorating the tree and the house, playing Christmas music and eating gingerbread cookies and drinking mulled cider. The tradition has also developed an end date of when to take things down. Our decorations stay up until Epiphany, with the taking down being a time of quiet reflection on the season that has passed. Here’s to another joyous Decorating Day!

New from Amy Butler Designs Wednesday, Sep 2 2009 

I love Amy Butler’s fabrics and her book Midwest Modern. While our house has more of a French country/Old World look overall, I can’t help but mix Amy’s vibrant prints into the mix. Here’s the link to her latest products: www.tinyurl.com/n5y3de